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Sea Turtle Kids Club

The Sea Turtles Kids Club is an interactive and educational experience that your children will be sure to enjoy. Children will explore and create the wonders of the ocean by doing hands-on activities and projects. Children will start out their day with an interactive lesson, followed by an art/ science project. Next the children will use their large motor skills by partaking in outdoor activities related to the lesson of the day. Their day comes to an end with some lunch or dinner and relaxation with their fellow Sea Turtle pals.
Tuesday through Sunday
Morning Club Hours: 9:00am - 1:00pm | Evening Club Hours: 3:00pm - 7:00pm
24 Hour Pre-Registration Required.
Activity Fee: $75 per child.
Kids Club Brochure

Weekly Sea Turtle Adventures

Sea Turtle Tuesday

The life of a Sea Turtle may be slow but not at One Ocean. Children will gain knowledge of the Sea Turtle's habitat, life cycle and different species with science experiments and games. Sea Turtles are beautiful in every way so let's make our own to take home today. How does a turtle feel tucked in their shell? How slow does a turtle go? Our outdoor activities will surely let you know.

Kids in the Kitchen Wednesdays

Little Chef's participate in a hands on cooking lesson with our very own Chef. They will learn the safety rules of the kitchen and create beautiful edible art. Naturally, sanitation is a priority, so our Little Chef's will be asked to wear our provided Chef attire. Who knows, they may become the next Chef Ted Peters!

Under the Sea Thursdays

Have you ever wondered what a mystical coral reef looks like through a magnifying glass? Can you imagine building your own coral reef model that reflects all the biodiversity of the coral reef? This lesson will thrill the imagination!

Fitness Fridays

Fitness Fun has just begun! We will make our own Portable Hopscotch for when you are on the run. Let's bike, race and do Yoga in the sun.

Sandcastle Saturdays

Creative sand builds creative minds! Children will have the opportunity to release their creativity by exploring the matters of the sand and then build their own out of clay. It doesn't stop there; we will take the creativity outside to build real life sand castles!

Magical Sea Sunday

So many wonders of the sea with so many possibilities. Does it sink or float? Does it swim or crawl? Children of all ages will be challenged with this hands on activity that will spark curiosity. Retain the mysteries of the sea by taking a piece of it with you in the art project for the day. Art in a bottle; that's not all; treasures of the sea are still to be found.
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